G. H.

“Michael and Anita are incredible. Visited Fashion Isle Smiles for the first time in March after seeing the same dentist for the last fourteen years and it’s safe to say I am a new man. Michael taught me how to actually take care of my teeth and how my old habits which had been encouraged previously were ruining my teeth and gums and leading to long-term damage. I just moved out of town, but will continue to see Michael because of his intentionality in taking care of me – after my visits he has followed up to ask how my mouth is feeling and has commented on previous conversations while I was in the office. I can seriously trust that Michael is looking out for my best interest and it is with that level of care that I can say I am committed to Fashion Isle Smiles, and that I hope everyone finds a dentist as good as Michael. If not, take the trip to the office for a visit. It is worth your time beyond the help with oral hygiene because the office is beautiful, with chairs overlooking the ocean.”

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