Our blog series, the Deadly Dental Sins, begins here with #1: Not Flossing Daily.
This may seem pretty obvious, but reports show that only about 30% of the adult population are daily flossers. When you don’t floss, you are making it very easy for bacteria and food to collect between the teeth and gums, in places where the toothbrush has never seen. Because the bristles of the toothbrush cannot clean between the teeth and the gums, not flossing is like going to the bathroom, wiping your cheeks and missing the crack! Now imagine doing this for years…yuck! The bacteria that live in our mouths love to live in hard-to-reach places and wreak havoc on the tissues. One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is to floss every day before bedtime.

It’s also important to note that most people who do floss are doing so incorrectly. You want to take the floss and go down between the gum and the tooth until you feel resistance, wrap the the floss tightly against the tooth and scrub the floss up-to-down with consistent motion, at least four times per tooth. I prefer the floss that comes on a spool rather than floss holders, due to superior cleaning capabilities, but any flossing product that best suits a patient’s preference is always better than no floss at all!