Feeling fatigued? Can’t lose weight? Marketers and friends would tell you that you need is a shot in the arm of the trendy vitamin B12 injections. Don’t be so easily convinced. The truth is that unless a B12 deficiency has been identified by a physician or primary care doctor, there is no need for B12 shots.

Symptoms of a vitamin B12 deficiency include:

  • fatigue or weakness
  • sore tongue tingling and numbness in fingers and toes
  • difficulty walking
  • depression/mood change
  • memory loss

Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin, so when you consume more than you need, the body excretes the excess. So, toxicity is not a major concern, however, the cost of B12 injections (ranging from $15 to $50) might be!

If you suspect that your B12 intake is inadequate, aim to include some of the following foods in your diet:

  • eggs
  • meat, fish, poultry
  • fortified cereals

If a vitamin B12 deficiency is confirmed through medical testing, then correcting the deficiency is advised. Obtaining injections from a medical provider has the benefit of being safer and may also be covered by some medical insurance plans.