1. Improved oral health: The oral cavity is susceptible to hundreds of different types of bacterial and viral infections, not to mention several different types of cancers that can develop in the hard and soft tissues. Proper dental care and regular visits are not only important for preventing many of these conditions, but they are also important for detecting disease that could potentially be life-threatening.
  2. Quality of life: The mouth is important for so many daily functions that we take for granted such as: smiling, speaking, laughing, kissing, eating, tasting, and breathing. When one of more of these functions is lost of altered, the quality of life begins to diminish. Studies have shown that people who lose all their teeth often avoid social situations out of fear that other people may know they are toothless. Eating food is much less enjoyable as the ability to chew and taste food diminishes. One of the greatest joys in dentistry is restoring teeth for someone who has been ashamed to smile for the majority of their life.
  3. Long-term financial savings: One of the biggest reasons people avoid the dentist is due to cost. However, regular dental care and maintenance is one of the best long-term investments you can make for your wallet and for your health. The majority of people who disregard their dental care will end up spending more money down the road fixing problems that could have been prevented altogether. Left untreated, a small cavity will grow and could result in a root canal and crown or the need for an extraction.
  4. Decrease anxiety/fear: This may sound counterintuitive, but regular dental care will help decrease the likelihood of spending more time in the chair due to more extensive treatment. Less time in the chair and less extensive treatment means you have less to worry about when visiting your dentist.
  5. Preventing bigger problems: As I mentioned before, the key is prevention through proper and regular dental care. What most people don’t understand is that dental diseases have been linked to systemic diseases such has cardiovascular disease, lung cancer, and diabetes. Every year people die due to infections that began with a toothache and eventually spread to the rest of the body because it was untreated. Sure, you could probably avoid going to the dentist for a few years and get away without needing any treatment, but I can guarantee that you will end up suffering more as a result of needing bigger procedures requiring more injections and more time in the dental chair.