Spring breaks and bikini season are upon us! Working out, fresh produce, and spring cleaning are on our mind. By now, you have likely settled into your New Year’s Resolutions…or forgotten about them altogether! Either way, spring is a season of new beginnings, so why not revitalize and revamp your fitness regime? Perhaps you’ve been stuck in an exercise rut, or are unsure where you’re at with your weight-loss goals. Here are some ideas for a spring workout makeover:

Increase the frequency or intensity of your workouts – summer will be here soon, so adding just one or two workouts per week will help accelerate weight loss and help you slim down for swim suits, shorts and tank tops. Perhaps you’re used to walking for 20 minutes per day, and that has become easy for you. Try adding 10 minutes to your walk, or pick up the pace to increase calorie expenditure.

Register for a 5K or a marathon – joining a race for the first time can be a huge milestone and an admirable accomplishment. Encourage friends and family to join you in a local event and run for a good cause. You will be more motivated to train and less likely to skip workouts knowing that you have an upcoming race.

Get outdoors – instead of your typical television marathons of poker night, take your activities outdoors for a change to get moving! Volleyball, basketball, or badminton are family-friendly games that allow you to laugh and have fun while being active.
Add more movement to your day – find ways to be more physically active by default. Take the long walking route to the mailbox, always take the stairs, and park farther away from shopping venues. Steps add up throughout the day, and you should aim for at least 10,000 steps each day.