Nutritional Counseling

Personal Nutritional Consultation
Includes an initial in-person or phone consult, fully customized consultation analysis, and follow-up phone consult. Nasira will help set realistic nutrition goals, assist with planning meals, improve food management, and provide support in attaining your goals.
If your schedule does not permit you to visit us in person, or if you are not located in the Orange County area, Nasira can meet with you via telephone and/or internet.

Fitness Nutritional Consultation
Includes an initial in-person or phone consult, fully customized consultation analysis, and follow-up phone consult. Nasira will design a nutrition program specific for your fitness goals. You will receive recommendations for a personal workout plan, optimal pre-workout meals, and post-workout recovery foods.

Phone Support Only
Schedule three 30-minute phone consultations to discuss and refine your nutritional goals. This one-on-one client consultation is scheduled around your busy schedule and is available to new or previous clients. Get all your nutrition questions answered and receive the extra support you need to reach your goals.

Ongoing Email Support
This is available to previous clients who have attended a group consultation or had an initial phone consultation. Nasira will answer your questions by e-mail to get the immediate answers you need. Ideal for clients who want long-term coaching to achieve long-term results.

One-Day Food Recall
Send Nasira your one-day food recall for three consecutive days and she will send you healthier alternatives based upon the submitted recall. This is a great alternative for those who desire simple changes on current food intake.

Nutrition Cook Service Plans
Nasira’s weekly meal plan includes a customized meal plan designed for your health goals and is specific to your calorie and protein needs, dietary restrictions, and food preferences. Cooking lessons and meal prep for up to five days of food are available. Learn more about nutrition cook services.


Please call or e-mail Nasira to schedule an appointment:
[email protected]

Please arrive on time for your appointments to get the most out of your program. If it is your first appointment, please bring a food and physical activity log that documents your food and beverage intake as well as your physical activity for at least three days.

Please contact Nasira regarding fees for individual services or packages. Students and military are eligible for a 15% discount on all services. Payment is due at or before the time of the scheduled appointment and can be made by using cash, check, or credit card.

Nutritional counseling may be eligible for insurance coverage under preventive care. Please ask our practice manager for details.

Please respect our 24-hour advance notice cancellation policy for single visits. Late cancellations or missed appointments are subject to a 50% fee for the scheduled appointment or service.

We graciously accept checks for payment, but a $30 fee will be assessed for any returned checks.
Please understand that policies are designed to optimize your success in your program and allow other individuals to take advantage of our services. Thank you for your consideration.