We hope you love your dentist, but that doesn’t mean you intend to visit us over the holidays.

If you want to avoid an emergency dental visit this season, check out these simple tips from your dentists at Fashion Isle Smiles:

1. Use scissors to open packages and bottle openers for bottles – gripping a bottle cap or a stubborn package with your teeth can lead to a cracked tooth, requring a crown or a root canal!

2. Do NOT crack nuts with your teeth – nuts are rich in protein and healthy fats, which promote strong muscles and bones. However, don’t test your teeth by using them as a nutcracker. The nutshells can damage gums and teeth and even cause cracking. So, shell your nuts before you eat them.

3. Skip the chewy treats – sticky substances like caramel and taffy can encourage tooth decay, cling to enamel and even pull out fillings.

4. Avoid chewing on ice cubes – cracked and chipped teeth are painful and expensive to treat, so let those ice cubes dissolve naturally, or skip them altogether.

5. Don’t bite your nails – the season can be stressful, but anxious nibbling is bad for the nails and your teeth. Try distracting yourself when you get the urge to chew, or apply bitter-tasting polish to prevent yourself ¬†from putting your nails near your mouth.

Keep your teeth safe and healthy this season and remember to continue your oral hygeine routine all year long.