Sports Guards

The use of a mouthguard for athletic activities has been shown to reduce the risk of sport-related dental injuries. Custom mouthguards are prescribed for both professional and amateur athletes because they offer the highest level of protection during sports activity. When worn properly, they can prevent dental trauma, such as fractured, chipped, or lost teeth. They can also be helpful for patients with an orthodontic situation, such as braces, who must wear a mouthguard for preventive measures.

Generic mouthpieces offer some protection, but a custom mouthguard offers far greater protection because of the fit and quality of materials. Custom sports guards can only be made by your dentist. If you or your child participates in athletics, talk to your dentist today about getting impressions a sports guard to protect those teeth! Just like a helmet must always be worn during athletic activities, a sports guard is equally important – your teeth are meant to last a lifetime!