Teeth Cleaning

Getting your teeth cleaned by your dentist every six months is a critical part of preventing periodontal disease and tooth decay. The six-month interval is the standard, and is usually covered by most dental insurances. For some people who have severe periodontal disease or high risk for decay, a cleaning may be necessary every three to four months. High-risk patients have received scaling and root plannings or “deep cleanings” in the past, and require professional maintenance more often to ensure their disease does not progress.

During a regular cleaning appointments, oral hygiene home care is reviewed to ensure that the patient is maintaining proper techniques. Usually, we determine fairly quickly who has and has not been taking care of their teeth once we start looking around the mouth. Even for avid brushers and flossers, plaque and calculus can be found hiding in hard-to-reach places, and stains can accumulate over time due to coffee, wine, or other foods and beverages.