Your mouth is the gateway to your overall health, so keeping your gums healthy is essential. All it takes is one minute a day for a cleaner, fresher, and healthier mouth. And it’s perfect for anyone with braces, implants, crowns, or periodontal pockets. It is perfect for everyone.

A waterpik is an oral irrigator. Like a miniature pressure washer, it directs a forceful stream of water through a special tip and is directed around each tooth emitting a pulsating stream of water that massages and stimulates the gum tissues. The force of the water dislodges and washes away plaque, bits of food, and bacteria from the gums and teeth, cleaning deep between teeth and below the gum line.

Does it replace flossing? We don’t believe it does. The scraping action of flossing removes the sticky plaque bacteria on your teeth in a way that only physical pressure can accomplish. We recommend an oral cleansing regimen as follows:
1. Floss
2. Brush
3. Waterpik

Your oral health will be superior, providing decay prevention, gum health, fresh breath and a resultant improved overall health. All waterpiks have a reservoir to hold the water, and an electric motor to power the pump. Waterpiking with lukewarm water is a much more pleasant experience than with cold water, so remember to fill the tank accordingly. Waterpiks come as countertop, portable and shower units.

Our team here at Fashion Isle Smiles highly recommends the regular use of a waterpik in conjunction with brushing and flossing. For a special holiday gift, consider giving your loved ones the gift for a lifetime…a waterpik. Happy Holiday!