Update April 22, 2020: Cooley Clan in Lockdown

Update April 22, 2020: Cooley Clan in Lockdown


Four weeks have passed since the lockdown was ordered in our region. We have fallen into a routine of sorts as we continue to adapt our lifestyle to the ever-changing needs of our two-month-old baby. We continue to cherish this unexpected time together as a family of three. Some days, remaining on lockdown as new parents can cause a sense of grief because we are unable to share the experiences of our new daughter with our loved ones. We are thankful for high-speed internet and free video call apps so that our parents can see their granddaughter. Instead of focusing on the challenges of isolation, we are trying to make the most of the enforced pause by spending quality moments with our baby.

In an effort to stay active and enjoy the springtime weather, we’ve made a routine to go on one or two walks around our neighborhood each day. Attempting these excursions with an infant is always a new adventure and has taught us a great deal about realistic expectations of infancy parenthood. Firstly, we’ve discovered that its best to give ourselves an extra hour to complete any walking route – or any task, for that matter – we plan to complete. It is safe to assume that we will make several stops in the shade when our baby may decide she is still hungry despite having eaten 10 minutes prior and seeming quite satisfied. We’ve learned to be prepared for the occasional diaper blowout with no convenient place in sight to change a diaper. There are times when our daughter is overly tired and extremely fussy and refuses to settle down in the stroller so instead we must carry her home screaming in our arms for half a mile or more. It’s amazing how the body adapts to sleep deprivation, however, we certainly look forward to the night when our baby sleeps longer than a three-hour stretch. We’ve learned to laugh at each challenging situation, appreciate the lessons learned, and continue to pray we make it home in one piece before sundown. Just when we think we have our eight-week-old figured out, she grows another week older and becomes a different baby altogether with new capabilities, more awareness and sensitivity, and stronger vocal cords. We continue to develop a newfound sense of teamwork as we navigate the new territory of parenthood as patient and loving spouses while attempting to maintain our careers, our home, and our sanity.

Tips and reminders for healthy teeth while isolated at home

At Fashion Isle Smiles, we always preach about prevention. Now that dental providers must postpone non-emergent dental care, such as cleanings and check-up exams, practicing good oral health is even more imperative! Let’s review what’s most important:

· Brush twice daily using fluoride toothpaste

· Floss once a day

· Use 1% peroxide mouth rinse

· Use a Waterpik (water flosser)

· Use a tongue scraper

· Try to avoid food and drinks with high sugar content

· Wash hands before brushing and flossing

· Drink 8 glasses of water daily


What to do if you think you have a dental problem:

· Contact your dentist!

· Utilize virtual chat feature such as Zoom to meet with your dentist.

· If the problem is something you can visualize, try to take a picture and text it to your dentist.

· If you have a dental infection that is accompanied with pain, you may need to go into the dental office for urgent treatment.

· If you have an infection, but cannot go to the dental office, your dentist may be able to order a prescription for antibiotics to your local pharmacy.

o Note: This is not definitive treatment, and is only appropriate if your dentist verifies via photo or virtual meeting that you have an infection, but you are not able to come into the office due to the pandemic.

· Sometimes, sensitivity to cold and/or breathing is a common issue that can be addressed with desensitizing toothpaste such as Sensodyne.

Remember, the reason that dental providers and patients are at high risk for contracting COVID-19 is due to the close proximity to the mouth and the large concentration of aerosols produced as a result of drilling and/or spraying of water. We are postponing non-emergent care for the safety of everyone involved, but that doesn’t mean we are not here to help you during these trying times!


“There is some good in this world, and it’s worth fighting for.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Two Towers